Costello Syndrome Family Network - United States

8th International Costello Syndrome Family Forum – Orlando, Florida

2013 Resource Materials


Lecturers      Biographies
Sara Karjoo, MD
Saturday Workshop

Tools to Help Your Child’s Nutrition
Bronwyn Kerr, MD
Friday Keynote Speaker

Understanding Costello syndrome:  a journey
Angela Lin, MD /
Kathryn Chatfield, MD, PhD

Friday Medical Lecture

The Heart of Costello Syndrome
Suma Shankar, MD, PhD
Friday Medical Lecture
Links on 3D Vision:

The Eye and Vision in Costello Syndrome - Handout
David Stevenson, MD
Friday Medical Lecture 

Physical  Fitness in Costello Syndrome
Gabor Szuhay, MD
Saturday Workshop

Sleep and Rasopathies
Melinda Wolford, PhD, NCSP
Saturday Workshop

What Does IT Take?   (Taming the Tiger: Behavioral Issues)

3rd International Meeting on Genetic Syndrome of the Ras/MAPK Pathway: Towards a Therapeutic Approach
Rasopathies Poster Abstracts Handout